Too Hot to get to the beach! Come to the Aquatic Centre to Cool down Monday thru Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM for Public Swimming. Saint John's Local Fun and Fitness location!

Water Polo

If you love swimming, action, and games, then water polo is the sport for you! Water polo involves three components: fitness, skills and the game. Water polo allows kids to have fun while learning basic skills, tactics and rules. We provide a positive environment that promotes fitness, friendship, teamwork and sportsmanship.

No water polo experience is necessary, but players should be comfortable in deep water.

We have five different age groups, listed below:

Why not try Adult Water Polo?

Get involved in Water Polo at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre! Under the guidance of an experienced coach, Adults of all ages practice twice a week together with our 18U team to develop skills, scrimmage and learn tournament play.

Water Polo is incredibly fun and physically challenging sport. It provides excellent cross-training for almost any activity. Extra clinics and inter-provincial tournament play are planned for every season, for those wanting to progress to a more competitive level.