Membership Rates

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To register for a membership, click the "Register For Our Programs" link on the right-hand side of the page. Please note EFT memberships require in-person registration with direct deposit information.

Please Note: Available as Monthly (PAC) or Yearly memberships only, for ages 18+, and must sign up in person at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. Rate discounts do not apply for a Wellness Membership (e.g., corporate. spousal).

Applications for financial assistance can be made through the Community Access Program.

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Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Fees:

Less than 12 payments:

Primary Person $125.00
Family members $45.00 per person. Maximum $125.00

More than 12 payments:

There are no cancellation fees for memberships lasting longer than 12 payments.

Mid-Session Family Inclusive Cancellation:

Membership cancellations requested mid-session with active lesson registrations are subject to a cancellation fee and the pro-rated cost of the swimming lesson registration(s) in session.

Returned (NSF) Payments

All payments returned by your bank due to non-sufficient funds are subject to a $40.00 administration fee. Please note that banking and administration charges for returned cheques and outstanding accounts result in loss of privileges.

Members and general users of the Centre must abide by the rules and regulations set-up by the CGAC. The CGAC reserves the right to update and modify any regulation, policy or procedures as necessary within the operation of the Centre. All changes will be posted and made available at our Front Desk.