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Fitness Classes

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Take a look at our fitness schedule to find the perfect class for you! From STEP all the way to Functional Fitness, we have something for you! 

Fall Fitness #2 Schedule: 
October 29th - December 16th

Holiday Fitness Schedule: 
December 16th - January 6th

Winter Fitness Schedule: 
January 7th - March 3rd

To view a Printable PDF of our Fall Fitness #2 Schedule click here!

To view a Printable PDF of our Holiday Schedules, click here!

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fALL 2 sCHED v2

Fall Reduced Schedule


Your workload adds up by the end of this class. As each exercise progresses so too do the number of reps, sets, interval length or number of exercises completed.

"As Many Rounds As Possible":  A set number of exercises and reps for a given time, where you keep repeating the sets until the timer sounds. Work at your pace and see how many rounds you can fit in within the time frame.

With the perfect blend of Dance, Fitness & Yoga inspired moves, all designed for the female body; this is the flagship class that started the Bellyfit® movement. Set to a soundtrack of the best electronic dance music and ambient tracks available, you’ll get a beautifully compact 60 minutes of booty-shaking goodness, 40 minutes of stress-reducing cardio dance, 10 minutes of full-body toning, and 10 minutes of Yoga inspired stretching and meditation.

Non-Member Price: $45+ HST

Train and tighten all regions of the lower body and core with this toning class. The workout will focus on the abs, glutes, legs, and lower back using light weights and body resistance.

A combination of intensive cardio drills and core specific movements focused on core strength and

An intensive cardio workout following basic kickboxing patterns. Punch, and kick your way to a fitter stronger physique.

EMOM (30M)
"Every Minute On the Minute": A high-intensity workout where you have that minute to complete a given number of exercise and the rest of that minute to rest before the next exercise begins. Either way, it’s a great full body workout that will be leaving you breathing heavy and satisfyingly sweaty.

HIIT (30M/40M)
High-Intensity Interval Training one of the most popular fitness styles today combines longer duration high-intensity exercise with shorter duration periods of rest.

This circuit style class will utilize medicine balls, Bosu balls, slam balls, and stability balls for a full body workout.

This sweat inducing boot-camp style class will utilize high-intensity cardio intervals combined with weights and body weighted exercise for maximal muscular strength and conditioning. 

Get your day off to a great start with this total body fitness challenge. A full hour toning, cardio, core strengthening, balancing and stretching. Something for every level and a great way to meet new friends and challenge your limits.

This program is designed to bring fitness and balance to new mothers as they bond with their babies.  This program enables new moms to have an opportunity to build an emotional connection with their baby and meet other new moms while working out.  This class is for moms and babies, ages three months and up.  Exercises are adapted to meet individual needs and all fitness levels.

Member Price: $30.00 + HST            Non-Member Price: $45+ HST

Fitness and fun for mom & baby! This program is designed for post-partum mom’s to re-energize, build muscle & core strength, burn fat and get back into your pre-baby shape. Bring your baby to your workout and we will give you an awesome workout while your baby can play with others and we will even incorporate them into the routine to increase bonding time.

Please note some exercises do require babies to be placed into our childcare playpen.

Member Price: $30.00 + HST     Non-Member Price: $45+ HST

 Work head-to-toe using simple equipment — a weighted bar, dumbbells, and a step, tackling various speeds, positions, and rhythms. RIP is the fastest growing functional barbell program, developed by the world's top choreographers using the most successful fitness on the planet.

RIP & KICK (40M)
This exciting class takes you to the battlefield where you target strength and control in a fusion of fitness
training and martial arts.

This group fitness class will have you sweating to the beat. A full body workout while maintaining a hi-tempo with fun and fast-paced cardio component. This class changes weekly.

STEP (40M)
A dynamic, non-stop workout designed to give EVERY participant a cardiovascular challenge. A variety of step combinations, as well as power movements, may be added to increase intensity.

SPIN (40M)
Performed on indoor cycles, SPIN combines basic cycling moves with motivational music and coaching to give you a unique exercise experience. SPIN is a safe and effective workout for all fitness levels.

A combination of traditional spin for 20 minutes followed by muscular toning and core exercises off the bike, complimented with a cooldown and stretch to help facilitate recovery and limit muscular fatigue and soreness.

This challenging core specific class will take place on top of our NEW SUP Boards (stand up paddleboard) in the competition pool. Focusing on core strength and balance this class will combine upper body lower body and even a bit of cardio into one great class for any level. Only available here at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre!

Non-Member Price: $45 + HST

Tabata protocol is high-intensity training that produces remarkable results. Work all of the major muscle groups and get a high-intensity cardio and muscular endurance workout.

The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms, easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.


YOGA (45M)
Yoga is a series of carefully designed postures with a strong emphasis on breathing, concentration, and flexibility. Strengthen the body while calming the mind.  For beginners to advanced.

A dynamic practice focused on moving the body along with the breath. The experience in this class is one of fluidity and motion. Poses are held for short periods of time and emphasis on the rhythm of the breathing is encouraged with the purpose of aligning and focusing the mind.



Designed to help those with arthritis and other mobility conditions maintain a good posture, a range of motion, general strength and cardiovascular stamina. All the while in the warm pool which helps soothe sore joints and bones.

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet! Just the same as aerobics but waist-high water.
Swimming experience not necessary.

Just like the land version of 20/10 this high-intensity class will combine toning with cardio intervals and core exercises in a quick and challenging format using the added resistance of the pool to limit the impact and maximize output. 

Kick up your exercise program a notch with drills like bucket fill, brick pass and tug of war done in the water. This challenging workout will give you an extra push to surpass your comfort zone.

Because aqua jogging mimics natural running form, it provides a neuromuscular workout that, in addition to aerobic benefits helps keep the running specific muscles active.

DEEP H20(40M)
Four coached swim workouts a week designed to improve speed and swimming skills. Intended for those training for upcoming events to those wishing to improve their lap times. 

Four coached swim workouts a week designed to improve speed and swimming skills. This class is designed from those training for upcoming events to those wishing to improve their lap times. 

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