Specialty Classes

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Looking for something a little more specialized to meet your fitness needs? We have the solution for you in our fee-based Specialty Classes, in both our gym & pool!

Registration dates are as follows for Spring Session 

Registration Dates 

Spring Session 1 Registration opens Friday, February 16th 

Spring Session:

March 12th - April 29th 
April 30th - June 24th

Registration Deadline Spring 1: March 16th 
Registration Deadline Spring 2: April 20th 

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Arthritics (Aquatic)

Monday and Wednesday 11:15 AM | Begins Mar 12th  | Ends April 23rd  | (7Weeks)
Non-members $133 (+HST) | Members FREE: Requires Registration

A water fitness program with your arthritis in mind. Designed to help those with arthritic conditions maintain a good range of motion, general strength and stamina. The buoyancy of the water supports your limbs allowing you to exercise without aggravating painful toes, ankles, knees and hips.


Moving Mommies (Aquatic)

Tuesdays 11:15 AM | Begins Mar 13th  | Ends Apr 24th | (7Weeks)
Non-members $52.50 (+HST) | Members $35.00 (+HST)

This program is designed to bring fitness and balance to new mothers as they bond with their babies. This program enables new moms to have an opportunity to build an emotional connection with their baby and meet other new moms.  This class is for moms and babies, age 3 months and up. Exercises are adapted to meet individual needs and all fitness levels.


Moving Mommies Boot-Camp (Land)

Thursdays 11:15 AM | Begins Mar 15th | Ends Apr 26th  | (7Weeks)
Non-members $52.50 (+HST) | Members $35.00 (+HST)

Fitness and fun for Mommy & Baby! Designed for post-partum Mommies to re-energize, build muscle & core strength, burn fat and get back into pre-baby shape. Bring your baby and we will give you an awesome workout in the Functional Fitness studio of our gym, while your baby can play with others. We will even incorporate them into the routine to increase bonding time.

Excersises can be modified to have babies in hand. Please note that portions of the class do require babies to be put into our childcare playpen.


Moving Mommies Combo (Both classes!)

Tuesday and Thursday 11:15 AM | Begins Mar 13th  | Ends Apr 26th | (7Weeks)
Non-members $95.00 (+HST) | Members $60.00 (+HST)

Includes both Moving Mommies Aqua and Moving Mommies Boot-Camp Together


SUP Fit                   (NEW TIME)

Tuesdays 7:00 AM | Begins Mar 13th | Ends Apr 24th | (7Weeks)
Non-members $52.50 (+HST) | Members $35.00 (+HST)

This challenging core specific class will take place on top of our SUP Boards in the competition pool. Focusing on core strength and balance this class will combine upper body, lower body, cardio and core workflow and balance into one fun and challenging class for any level. Only available here at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre!


Hip Hop Dance (19+)

Tuesdays 7:15 PM | Begins Mar 13th  | Ends May 29th | (12Weeks)
Non-members $168.00 (+HST) | Members $144.00 (+HST)

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Hip Hop Show Case: June 8th, 2018

Open to ages 19+. This will be a beginner/intermediate 12-week session which culminates by joining  Angelina's year-end Hip Hop Dance show on the big stage.

During this 12 week session, you will develop hip-hop technique as well as learn a full hip-hop stage choreography, all while having fun in a non-judgmental atmosphere. This class is designed for those in mind who love to dance and who have some previous dance/movement experience.  

Angelina is an experienced dance and fitness instructor, teaching upbeat and fun classes for over a decade. In 2015, with her love for hip-hop and creating choreography, she embarked on one of her lifelong dreams to build hip-hop performance teams in the KV Area. Currently, in its third year, Angelina has created three dedicated dance crews who all share a passion for dance. They perform twice a year to loud applause from friends, family & community.

Having planted the roots for this supportive hip-hop community within the KV Area, Angelina is excited to partner with the Canada Games Aquatic Centre to create a 4th hip-hop performance team for the city, called Team Rise. Don't miss the chance to be part of something special,  join this inclusive, edgy and high-energy dance family. 

Wondering if the pace will be appropriate for you? 
If you are looking  for a class that helps to develop the basic fundamentals of coordination, musicality, basic steps and the like- this pace may be a little too fast

*Additional fees for costume may be added and arranged with the instructor



Morning Metabolic Melt    *NEW*

Monday & Thursdays 6:00 AM | Begins Mar 12th | Ends Apr 23rd  | (7Weeks)
Non-members $95.00 (+HST) | Members $60.00 (+HST)

Start your day off right with this sweat-inducing total body boot-camp designed to challenge your limits. Kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, battle ropes and sleds are just a few of the activities you will endure in this 1-hour high-intensity class meant to maximize your gains in minimal time. Twice a week makes sure you are getting the consistency and additional workouts along with fitness testing at the beginning and end of the session will provide feedback on your progress.


Belly Fit     *NEW*

Wednesdays 5:30 PM | Begins Mar 14th | Ends Apr 25th  | ( 7Weeks)
Non-members $52.50 (+HST) | Members $35.00 (+HST) 

With the perfect blend of Dance, Fitness & Yoga inspired moves, intelligently designed for the female body, this is the flagship class that started the Bellyfit® movement.

Set to a soundtrack of the best electronic dance music and ambient tracks available, you’ll get a beautifully compact 60 minutes of bootie shakin’ goodness ~ 40 minutes of stress-reducing cardio dance, 10 minutes of full-body toning, and 10 minutes of Yoga inspired stretching and meditation.


Intro to Weightlifting     *NEW*

Thursdays 6:30 PM| Begins Mar 15th | Ends Apr 26th  | ( 7Weeks)
Non-members $52.50 (+HST) | Members $35.00 (+HST) 

 Join our lifting coach and learn the proper lifting techniques to master lifts such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, and much more. This introductory level coaching clinic will provide you with the knowledge to advance your lifts and take your training to the next level in a safe and effective way. Work in a small group setting with a certified coach to gain the knowledge and tips to master form and function. Ideal for beginners and seasoned lifters looking for tips and tricks to continue to develop. 

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Please note that all classes require minimum participants to run, and ALL participants (including members) must register online or in person.