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Get in shape for the summer and the new school year! Swim, workout, hot tubs, sauna and steam rooms plus over 40 Fitness Classes a week to choose from!!!!!
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Water Slide Open only during Ultimate Public Swimming

Offering special swims for everyone in a fun and safe environment, we guarantee a great time for the whole family. Come and visit our award-winning facilities and see why!

Annual Maintenance Shutdown

Aug 22nd- Sept 5th   Competition pool closed

Aug. 29 – Sept 5th   All pools closed.

 *Fitness Center will remain open Aug 22-Sept 1st

Total Building Closure  Sept 2-Sept 5

Sept 6th   Building  re-opens


EXCITING NEWS | On-line Registration!

Beginning August 1st we will be switching to our new registration program. Which will allow on-line purchase for programs, massage therapy and memberships. Please set up your account by clicking on the following link. Once you create your account you will be able to view our fall lesson schedule. Fall registration will begin on-line Aug. 17th.

By phone and in person registration will begin Aug. 22nd. Yes, you can register early on line only!

 Click Here To Register


We are also moving our swimming lesson program from Red Cross to Lifesaving Society the conversion chart can be found under: Schedule/Events – Lesson schedule tab

Conversion Chart from Red Cross to Lifesaving 

RED CROSS SWIM KIDS Lifesaving Society – Swim for Life
Swim Kids 1 (IC)SK 1 (C) SK 2 (IC) Swimmer 1Swimmer 1 advanced
SK 2 (C) SK 3 (IC) Swimmer 2
SK 3 (C) SK 4 (IC) Swimmer 3
SK 4 (C) or SK 5 (IC) SK 5 (C) Swimmer 4
SK 6 (IC) or (C) or SK 7 (IC) Swimmer 5
SK 7 (C) Swimmer 6
SK 8 (IC) or (C) Rookie Patrol
SK 9 (IC) or (C) Ranger Patrol
SK 10 (IC) or (C) Star Patrol

(IC) – incomplete

(C) – complete


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