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Membership Benefits

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We maintain a level of high energy and a non-intimidating atmosphere where hard work is rewarded and motivation is our main objective. We offer you our personal attention and provide you with all the knowledge to ensure your progress every step of the way…whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, increase flexibility, strength cardiovascular, or all of the above!

Your membership includes a tour of the facility, an orientation to the equipment and a fit check. With our fit check you can have your body composition, measurements, strength and flexibility tested.

We are famous for the quality of our Fitness Classes and Fitness Instructors, be sure to check out our 40+ Classes, Enjoy and have FUN!

Did you know Members can save when registering their children or other family members for programs such as swimming lessons and specialty fitness classes?

Your membership includes the added benefits of aquatic fitness.

An aquatic fitness program is an exercise program performed in the water that is designed to strengthen the cardio respiratory system, strengthen and tone the muscles, improve balance, coordination and flexibility, and enhance physical and emotional well-being. These programs are designed to serve healthy populations, as well as special populations such as the elderly, those experiencing medical and physical challenges, and post-rehabilitation clients who need to regain their strength to get back to normal activities.

Aquatic Fitness is an exercise that can accommodate all ages, fitness levels, and abilities through a variety of options. Aquatic Fitness is the perfect way to condition the body, stimulate the mind, wash away stress and rejuvenate the spirit. The pool is a great cross-training gym for everyone, an effective means for rehabilitation, and a refreshing change to sweating on land. Research has shown that there are various health benefits to regular water exercise. Here are some key points about Aquatic Fitness:

Research supports that physically fit people are eight times less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than unfit persons. Regular exercise is as effective as medication in reducing blood pressure. Regular exercise promotes body fat loss while preserving muscle mass. Regular exercise helps to reduce systemic arterial blood pressure. Regular exercise helps raise the percentage of beneficial HDL cholesterol (good) and lowers LDL cholesterol (bad) and the TC/HDL-C ration (total cholesterol divided by HSL cholesterol) to a low risk profile. Regular exercise delays bone loss and promotes formation in women at most risk for osteoporosis. Regular exercise typically causes more continuous and restful sleep.

Aquatic fitness programs require no special equipment; however, the addition of all types of equipment can amplify the properties of water and provide unlimited training possibilities. So what are you wading for!

So, what does a membership include?

Beside overall use of the facility during operational hours for fitness centre and lap swimming, your membership at the CGAC includes an orientation to fitness centre, a weight training plan (if you require one), a fitness consultation to help you set goals and track progress, and discounts on massage therapy and specialty classes.

40+ Group Fitness Classes a Week

The most amazing and innovative Fitness Classes happen each week in our Multi Purpose Room. From Circuit Training and TRX to Boot Camps and Step, Aquacise, Spin and Fit Swims.  We have over 40 classes to offer you each week. Older adults and those looking for ease into it programs will enjoy many classes like Arthritic Aquafit and Water walking. Join our amazing Instructors for activity that is both exercise and entertainment!

Friendly & Supportive Service

Equipment is one thing. But being given the support and encouragement to continue is another. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre has been serving the community for over 25 years. Our staff has a deep commitment to the community and puts your health and wellness first.

For more information about membership at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, please contact us today.