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Meet Our Instructors

Get started on your fitness journey with one of our over 40 fitness classes a week! The Canada Games Aquatic Centre is home to a number of talented instructors, all independently certified to teach their classes.  Read on to learn a little bit about some of our amazing instructors.


Stephanie Galbraith

Stephanie teaches Bellyfit, and Strong Moms Swim & Sweat, Morning Mix, Arthritics and Aquacise

Experience: Group Fitness Instructor working is all levels of the population from Moms and Babies to Older Adults.  

Certifications and Education: Stephanie is a fitness professional with certifications in Group Fitness, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, training in Bellyfit® and BOSU®. Along with her fitness training, she has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UNBSJ majoring in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

Area of Expertise: Stephanie loves all her classes but gets great reward working with new moms on building strength both physically and mentally as let navigate their new role of mom.

Important and Interesting Facts: Stephanie is committed to spreading the love of movement with anyone who will listen. She strongly believes in movement is one of the best medicines and wants to make it as fun as possible so you want to keep on moving.

A Pinch of Personality: A heads up for anyone who attends one of Stephanie’s classes doesn’t stand still well so be prepared for some dancing, singing and just plan to move around. It’s ok to laugh or join in if you want. When she is not teaching or training for a race you will likely find her in the woods, at the park chasing her twin boys, at the beach or enjoying the water from her sailboat or paddleboard.


Tracey Meahan

Tracey teaches Sunrise Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga

Experience: Tracey began her yoga journey in 2002 when she began to take classes after the birth of her second child in search of some relief of recurring back pain.  Although she loved the yoga classes she attended, baby number three came along and with a full-time position as an elementary school teacher, she quickly found herself moving down the list of people to take care of.  It was not until 2011 that Tracey and her yoga practice reconnected after a weekend workshop/retreat for teachers.  From there, she jumped in and spent the next year working toward her 200 hr YTT certification.  Since then she has been sharing her yoga practice through classes and workshops working with both adults and children.

Certifications and Education: Tracey received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification through Breathing Space Yoga in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2012.

Area of Expertise: Experience in teaching a variety of styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, children’s yoga, and offering workshops for athletes, teams, and various groups from beginners to more experienced yogis.

Important and Interesting Facts:  Although it is pretty challenging to choose just one…Tracey’s favourite inspirational quote of the moment is: “If your worth is not created internally, you will always be searching for self-worth outside yourself – by attempting to control your food, your body size, and other people’s perceptions of you.  You will be stuck in the “I’ll be happy when’s” forever.  Choose to be happy in this moment; you are enough. – author unknown

Hope Lavin-MacDougall

Hope teaches Spin and Supersweat

Experience: I have been a group fitness instructor since 1992. I have instructed in Kingston, ON, where I first started out as an instructor, and at a number of facilities throughout the city over the years. I have been at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre since Jan. 2001.

 Certifications and Education:  I was initially certified as a group fitness instructor through the YM-YWCA. I am now certified through Fitness New Brunswick.

 Area of Expertise: I enjoy making exercise fun for participants – I originally got into fitness instruction back in the day because I just LOVED Step Aerobics. I do very little of that now but still, thoroughly enjoy it. These days my favourite class is indoor cycling – it’s a super cardio workout and anyone can do it, it’s just like riding a bike

 Important and Interesting Facts: I got into triathlon in 2013 and now that is my new passion – although some days less than others  – the training can sometimes be gruelling but I have a great group of club friends to train with and that makes such a difference. I have done sprint, Olympic and half Ironman distances – I definitely plan on completing a full Ironman someday.

A Pinch of Personality: I have a wonderful husband and three boys – now young men. My day job is at the Department of Social Development. When I am not at the gym, training or at work I really enjoy home improvement projects, playing hockey with the Pickless Chicks, travelling and hanging out with friends and family.


Andria Goguen

Andria teaches Cardio Kick and Spin

Experience: Certified fitness instructor, specializing in land-based group fitness. 

Certifications and Education: Certified through Fitness New Brunswick since 2015 as a Group Fitness Leader in Portable Equipment and Indoor Cycling

Area of Expertise: Cardio kickboxing, spin and interval-based training classes.

Important and Interesting Facts: I truly believe that adding activity to your life can make a huge difference in your overall well-being. Figure out the activities you love doing and exercise will never feel like a chore.


Susan Ainsworth, FIS, PTS, CPR/AED

Susan teaches Aquacise and Aqua-Flow

Experience: In 1979 Susan had the opportunity to represent New Brunswick at the Canada Winter Games in Brandon, Manitoba as a member of the NB Racquetball Team.  This was a fantastic experience and her passion for fitness and wellness continues today.    

Certifications and Education: Susan is a Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist as well as a Fitness Instructor Specialist, with over 20 years in the fitness industry. 

Area of Expertise: Susan can be found in the pool a few noon hours a week, with a dedicated group of participants for Aqua Flow, Aqua Boot Camp and Deep H20.  She also enjoys teaching Cycling, Bosu as well as Cardio Core/ Body Pump.

A Pinch of Personality: Susan exudes energy and a positive attitude in her daily life, she enjoys playing guitar and singing to keep the cognitive mind sharp.  On the weekends Susan enjoys cooking, making fresh bread and wholesome healthy meals in preparation for the work week ahead.


Stephanie Savage

Stephanie teaches Beginner Yoga

Experience: Steph was first exposed to yoga in Toronto at a body positive studio back in 2015 and she's been hooked ever since! 

Certifications and EducationWith a background in powerlifting she noticed some muscle stiffness that limited her range of motion. A friend suggested she take a yoga class to help stretch out her muscles and after her first class, Steph discovered so much more. Her love for yoga grew and last year she took her teacher training to become a certified instructor. 

Area of Expertise: Teaching primarily Hatha yoga she also works with older adults with limited range of motion and has experience in teaching chair yoga.

Important and Interesting FactsSteph has a fondness for accessibility and believes strongly that everybody should be able to practice yoga.

A Pinch of PersonalityShe considers herself a student for life always learning new forms and evolving her practice to meet her students’ needs. 


Lori Loftstrom

Lori teaches RIP, Supersweat and Tone-It Up

Experience: Lori has taught in many different places; starting out in Nova Scotia at Acadia University, moving on to Nautaulis in Moncton and eventually finding her home at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.

Certifications and Education: Lori has been teaching group fitness classes since 1992. Along with being certified with Fitness NB and Canfitpro, she has a specialty certification in step through REBOK, and level 1 Kickboxing with Kickboxing Canada. 

Important and Interesting Facts: A lot has changed in the fitness industry since 1992. Lori has stayed up to date by attending fitness conferences and learning from various fitness professionals- most noteworthy is Jillian Michaels!

A Pinch of Personality: Lori’s motto is, “Yes You Can”, as she leads participants through her Tabata classes. She strives to make exercise fun and effective, in hopes you will come back for more!


Terre Hunter

Terre teaches Aquacise and Supersweat

Experience: Terre is a long-time member of the CGAC who decided to become an instructor about 10 years ago and has not regretted it. 

Certifications and Education: Terre is currently certified through Fitness NB with specialties in aqua and older adult classes.

Area of Expertise: He enjoys helping and encouraging people to be active and move well.

Important and Interesting Facts: He also serves as the General Manager of the Saint John Alpines baseball team.

A Pinch of Personality: I want to be as active as I can for as long as I can. 


Caitlin Iles

Caitlin teaches Yang Yin Yoga

Certifications and Education: Caitlin completed her YTT with Ryan Leier of One Yoga’s Living Yoga School in addition to completing a Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Yoga for Youth teacher training that taught her the benefits of this practice for all ages and abilities. She is also a Holistic Nutritionist who believes that the healing power of food is augmented exponentially by a consistent yoga practice.

Experience:Her first real yoga class was a mat-to-mat packed hot practice for which she was definitely not prepared, but with which she fell in love instantly. From that point on she was hooked as this practice taught her the value of self-reflection, stillness, love, patience, and compassion towards herself and others.

Area of Expertise: Her current favourite styles to teach and practice are yin, vinyasa, and hatha. She believes that the benefit of a consistent yin practice gives her students the tools necessary to turn off their fight or flight response, to practice self-soothing habits, and to connect with their bodies on a deeper level creating the foundation for a loving relationship with one’s self.

Important and Interesting Facts: She loves to create space for healing at wellness retreats, yoga & cooking classes, and live talks in her community.


Maureen O’Hara

Certifications and EducationMaureen has worked as a Wellness Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Group Fitness Leader with corporations and public organizations for the past 10+ years. These initiatives included working with executives, management and groups of employees to design and implement wellness initiatives, coaching services, group wellness sessions and individual training/coaching. She has utilized her training and experience to help these organizations to encourage a healthier lifestyle both inside and outside of the workplace. 

ExperienceIn an effort to grow her wellness offerings, Maureen has undertaken professional coaching training with IPEC and has achieved the designations of CPC & ELI-MP. These certifications allow Maureen to offer a wide range of proven, effective coaching tools to her clients. Using these IPEC tools and methodology, Maureen facilitates sessions in which she utilizes her IPEC training to help groups to identify team and personal dynamics and to lead the team in goal setting. 

Area of ExpertiseIn addition to her corporate work, Maureen has continued to work with a long-running group fitness session in her community, as well as working with individual clients and maintaining a position on the board of Directors of Fitness NB, taking on the position of President at the Annual General Meeting in 2019. 

In an effort to grow her wellness offerings, Maureen has undertaken professional coaching training with IPEC and has achieved the designations of CPC & ELI-MP. These certifications allow Maureen to offer a wide range of proven, effective coaching tools to her clients.

Important and Interesting FactsMaureen formed her own company “Priorities in Focus” in 2010 and believes that “it is important to establish our own selves as priorities in our lives and to take care of our own health and wellness in mind, body and spirit”.  She is a mother of four who enjoys sharing her wellness journey with others and is active in her community as a volunteer, coach and fundraiser as required.