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Fitness Classes

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Come see our selection of fitness classes at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre! From step all the way to functional fitness, we have something for you! Our Calendar of weekly classes can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Fitness Class Descriptions:  

Strength Resistance Training & Cardio

Cardio Core:

A combination of cardio intensive drills and core specific movements focused on core strength and stabilization.

Cardio Kick:

A cardio-intensive workout following basic kickboxing patterns. Punch, bob, weave and kick your way to a fitter physique.

Escape Circuit:

Circuit-style class focused on sports-based movements to challenge your cardio and endurance. Has something for all levels and can be tailored to fit individual needs.


High Intensity Interval Training combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts. Designed to tone the body and improve endurance.  

Morning Mix:

Get your day off to a great start with this total body fitness challenge. A full hour toning, cardio, core strengthening, balancing and stretching . Something for every level and a great way to meet new friends and challenge your limits. 


Metabolic Resistance Training utilizes high repetitions with heavy weights to produce the lactic threshold training effect - meant to maximize growth and development! 


Barbell program for men and women of all ages & fitness levels. Matching movement to music and using traditional strength training, this allows participants to work at their own level.  


Performed on indoor cycles, combines basic cycling moves with motivational music and coaching - a unique exercise experience.Safe and effective workout for all fitness levels. 


A combination of traditional spin for 20 minutes followed by muscular toning and core exercises off the bike. Complimented with a cool down and stretch to help facilitate recovery and limit muscular fatigue and soreness 


A dynamic non-stop workout designed to give every participant a cardiovascular challenge. A variety of step combinations and power movements may be added to increase intensity.  

Super Sweat:

This group fitness class will have you sweating to the beat. A full body workout while maintaining a high tempo and fast paced cardio component that's fun and a great workout!


Tabata protocol is high intensity training that produces remarkable results. Work all major muscles groups and get a high intensity cardio and muscular endurance workout. 

 TRX Circuit:

Moving through a variety of total body exercises using the TRX suspension system will maximize total body strength while utilizing one piece of equipment for ease and speed from exercise to exercise 

 TRX Spin Fusion 

20 minutes of fat-scorching cardio spin followed by a total body circuit! Utilizes one of the most effect body weight training systems; the TRX. No experience needed, come fuse two great routines into one for maximum results & time saving!  

Mind & Body

Hatha Yoga:

Combo of sustained poses (Hatha) and flowing movements, synchronized with your breathing. Works on strength, flexibility, and balance for a great workout and a sense of calm. Suitable for all levels.

Fit Flow Yoga:

A mix of common yoga poses strung together in an energetic series that challenges the muscles.

 Vinyasa Yoga:

Coordinates breath and movement to flow from one movement to the next. Modifications to encompass all levels. Sun salutations with a warm-up and cool down, and balance positions with transitions. 

Yin Yoga:

Ideal for anyone who wants to reduce restriction and pain in the neck, hips, back and loosen the entire body. Yin because the poses are held so long as to get into the fascia; the deepest layer of muscles and joints.



Don't be afraid to get your feet wet! Just the same as an aerobics class, but in waist high water! You don't need to know how to swim to participate. 


This deep water class is a combination of aqua running, intervals and tools to increase both strength and endurance. Intensity ranges from moderate to vigorous with minimal impact to the joints.


A dynamic and challenging sequence of poses and exercises designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. A gentle yoga-style class appropriate for all levels - no previous experience required. 


Just like the land version of Tabata, this high intensity class will combine upper body, lower body and cardio intervals. 


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Fitness Schedule

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