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Swimming Lessons are Back!

We hope you are as excited as we are, we're happy to say we have found a way to run lessons and continue to be safe. Here we are going to go over some questions you may have about how they will proceed from here. 

If you would like to look at the catalogue and session dates, please CLICK HERE to check out our current classes. 


What swimming program do you offer?

We offer Lifesaving Society Lessons! if your participant has taken either Red Cross or Ymca programs previously, please refer to this conversion chart.

On the first day of lessons, the instructor will assess their swimming ability in accordance with the level they have been registered in. They may be moved to another level if needed to ensure they will both learn and enjoy their lessons.


What do you in place have in place to run lessons safely?

We currently are running Preschool 1-5 and Swimmer 1-2 lessons with caregiver assistance to avoid unnecessary physical contact. Swimmer 3 and above will be required to follow social distancing, this includes staying 2m/6ft apart through the entire lesson. 


What qualifies as a 'Caregiver'?

A caregiver must be age 15 or above, comfortable in shallow water, and able to hold and assist their participant. Preschool 1 up to Swimmer 2 will require caregiver assistance.  


Will lessons at Gondola Point affected by weather?

Lessons will be rain or shine however if there is lightning the instructors will do water safety on the shore. 


Will I be able to ask the instructor questions?

Swimming instructors have 5 minutes in-between classes to set up for the next lesson, record progress, and be available to answer any questions you have. We respectfully ask if you approach the instructor that you practice social distancing and wear a mask.


Will you be running leadership courses?

We are working on a plan to run a variety of courses such as National Lifeguard, First Aid, Swimming Instructor and more. Since these courses are very hands-on and largely team-based, we have to have a deliberate plan considering social distancing policies.

We have stuff in the works, we will continue to update on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. 

If you have interest in any leadership courses, contact Nancy Perry at: