Summer Closure

Building Closure: August 25th - September 8th

YMCA Usage for CGAC Summer Shutdown

Our scheduled Summer Shutdown is from Saturday August 25th -  SaturdaySeptember 8th.  During this time the pool and fitness centre will be closed for maintenance and upgrades. The Healthy Touch Massage Clinic and Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic will remain open throughout the shutdown for their clients.

 During our scheduled shutdown the YMCA of Greater Saint John has kindly offered their facilities for our members to use free of charge.  

To use the YMCA our members are required to bring the following pieces of identification:

Government-issued photo ID
CGAC Membership card / 10 Visit Pass

Please present your identification upon visiting the YMCA. There will be a sign-in sheet located at the Front Desk for CGAC members to use. CGAC members are required to sign in and out of the YMCA.

The Canada Games Aquatic Centre will re-open Sunday September 9th from 9am-6pm. 

 This summer we will be completing additional upgrades on our facility.
The summer upgrades are scheduled to run from August 25th to September 8thand will require the full closure of our pools and fitness centre. We apologize for any inconvenience to our members during this period. 
This summer we will be doing renovations and upgrades in all of our change rooms. We will be removing the lockers in our general change rooms, and installing new lockers. The installation of new $1.00 full-size lockers and $0.25 cent purse lockers will be occurring in our general changerooms. Monthly locker rentals will still be available. We will also be re-tiling the showers in each of the change rooms. During our shutdown, we will also be installing new domestic hot water tanks. This means that we will not have hot water in any of the change rooms.  Due to these renovations, we will not have lockers, changing facilities or showers available for members and have therefore made the decision to close the facility.

Members who have locker service in their membership must remove their belongings before August 24th to ensure no items are damaged during our upgrades. The Front Desk Staff will re-assign members with locker service new lockers once our renovations are completed.
Any items left in lockers after August 24th will be removed. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.  
The Board of Commissioners and Management Team feel that in closing both the pools and fitness centre our staff will be able to provide a much-needed upgrade and facelift to our changerooms that will directly benefit our members.

 We would like to thank our members & the community for their patience and understanding as we undertake our summer upgrades.

Summer Shutdown:

July 1st - September 2nd

  • Summer hours. CLOSED on SUNDAYS

August 25th - September 8th

  • Pools & gym; CLOSED
  • Healthy Touch & Sports Medicine: OPEN
  • Public washroom: OPEN

September 1st - September 3rd

  • Entire facility including Healthy Touch Sports Medicine: CLOSED

Sunday September 9th

  • Pools & Gym : REOPEN