Pedway Closures

  • To help ensure safe physical distancing is maintained, the City of Saint John has implemented temporary operational changes to the pedway connections that lead to our facility and TD Station. These pedways will now close 90 minutes prior to any planned event in the facilities, and remain closed for 90 minutes after the event. Temporary closures within these specific sections of the pedway will only be required when events are taking place.

  • The entrance to the pedway that is closest to Union Street will remain open during these events for patrons to access our doors.

Below is a list of upcoming hockey games at TD Station, therefore the pedway will be closed:December        Doors           Event Time

18th (Sat)          6:00 p.m.         7:00p.m.28th (Tue)         6:00 p.m.         7:00p.m.31st (Fri)           1:00 p.m.         2:00p.m.

*The pedway will close 90 minutes prior to the doors opening and remain closed for 90 minutes after the hockey games.

We will continue to provide updates and dates for when the pedway will be closed.