Guidelines for Reopening


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To our Patrons,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required to follow directions from the government in order to reopen and operate our facility. Both staff and patrons will be required to wear a face mask and go through a screening.

This includes:

  • Entering through the main pedway entrance in the facility. Upon entering have temperature taken and go through a standard questionnaire. (Travel, contact, symptoms)
  • Scan into the facility using your membership cards every time you enter. If you are paying for drop-in you must provide information for contact tracing purpose. (Do not enter when someone holds the door for you)
  • Maintain a physical distance of 2m/6ft apart from employees and other patrons. A mask must be on at all times while moving through the facility, the only exception being when you are at your workout station or in the pool.
  • Masks are required on deck. When entering the pool, seal your mask in a plastic bag. All other patrons should watch from the viewing area to limit the amount of people on deck. If you are there for a permitted reason and you cannot physically distance you must wear a mask.
  • Have your community mask with you at all times (other than while in the pool).
  • Must wash hands and sanitize frequently.
  • In an effort to keep our staff and patrons safe, we are asking that anyone with severe or persistent coughing or sneezing not enter the studio and not participate in group fitness classes out of respect for the other participants. Should you have a pre-existing condition or seasonal allergies, please communicate this to the instructor prior to the start of class. Isolate from other participants as much as possible (staying at the back of the class), and when appropriate continue to wear your mask.   

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