Community Access Program

Aquatic Centre Launches New Program with Seed Funding from Port Saint John


(Photo, left to right: Chisom Ezeh, Amy McLennan, Gillian Miller)

Saint John, NB – A new program will enable more people to access the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. The Community Access Program has been established with the goal of ensuring all members of the community are able to experience the wellness and recreation opportunities available at the facility. 

Many people in the region face significant financial challenges and are unable to afford costs associated with recreational activities. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre partners with P.R.O. Kids to place children and youth in swimming lessons programming; however, the new Community Access Program is aimed at filling the gap to ensure those in financial need who fall outside the parameters of other programs also have options for accessing recreation opportunities at the facility. From seniors on a fixed income who may enjoy the social aspects of engaging in activities at the Aquatic Centre, to families who would love the opportunity to enjoy recreational swims together, there are countless people in our community who could benefit from the program.

Funds raised for the Community Access Program will be used to subsidize facility memberships for those who would otherwise be unable to afford access. Applications to the program will be reviewed to ensure eligibility based on household income, with criteria established by the program’s independent Advisory Committee.

Port Saint John is providing a seed donation of $2,500.00 to assist with the launch of the program.

“We are pleased to support the Community Access Program at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. Through this new program, citizens in our community who could not otherwise take part in the Centre’s recreational opportunities will be able to access the facilities and programs and gain a greater quality of life,” said Craig Bell Estabrooks, President and CEO, Port Saint John.

Fundraising will be ongoing, as Aquatic Centre staff and the program’s Advisory Committee work to secure funding through grant programs, donations, and other fundraising initiatives. All costs associated with the administration of this program are covered under the facility’s existing operating budget, allowing 100% of funds raised to go directly to supporting those in need in the community. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If sufficient funding is not available at the time of application, program applicants will be placed on a waitlist.   

“All members of our community should have the opportunity to enjoy the Canada Games Aquatic Centre,” said Amy McLennan, General Manager. “We are incredibly grateful to Port Saint John for providing an inaugural donation to get this important program up and running.”

For further details on the Community Access Program, visit the Canada Games Aquatic Centre website: