Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I arrive for my swimming lesson?

To keep traffic flow smooth in the locker room, you should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your class. Front Desk staff will ask you to wait in the lobby prior to that time to allow previous classes to clear the locker rooms.

2. Food /drink policy on deck ( Includes bleachers)

Please remember the only beverage encouraged on the bleachers and on the pool deck is water. Hot drinks must be contained in a spill proof thermal mug. No food on deck.

3. Who should use the change huts?

The Family Change Huts are designed to provide privacy to families that have children at that “in between age”…too young to use the locker rooms alone but too old to use the locker rooms of the opposite sex parent. We ask that you use this area for children who are registered in elementary school (K-Grade 5). The Family Change Huts are located on the deck level beside the bleachers. For easy access stop at our front desk and they will let you through the Visitors’ Gallery door. Please remove footwear prior to walking on the pool deck. Lockers are available outside the Change Huts.

4. Before and/or after our lessons, can we stay for a swim?

Unfortunately, pool space does not allow children to stay after their lesson. We do, however, encourage additional practice at Ultimate Swims offered on Saturday 1:00-4:00pm & Sunday 1:30-4:00pm. We also have Family Swims once a month and special swims during holidays, including when school is cancelled. Please check out our website at for pricing and details.

5. How can I have input to the lesson program?

There are many avenues to offer advice and present concerns:

  1. Through your instructor
  2. Through your deck supervisor ( present on pool deck during swimming lessons)
  3. By filling out a Suggestion/Concern form at our front desk
  4. By submitting the Instructor Evaluation forms you will receive during the fourth week of lessons.

6. What footwear do you recommend when on the pool deck?

All outdoor footwear must be removed prior to walking on the deck. If you are uncomfortable in your bare feet please bring flip-flops or indoor footwear.

7. What if there is a snowstorm or unforeseen closure the day of our lessons?

Our policy is to close the facility during a storm when City Transit starts to close their operations. We will post we are closing on what’s happening page of our website. There will also be an announcement on the radio. In such a case, there will be NO MAKE UP TIME for the lost class. Coupons for a complimentary swim will, however, be available from your instructor as compensation.

8. Why change sides of the pool deck?

This was done to improve the safety and quality of the lesson program. We are creating a safer environment for your child’s learning by reducing the distance your child is from a certified lifeguard, while also reducing the distractions. The children are now facing the instructor not the activities taking place in the change huts, stairway and pedway. Therefore they are paying more attention to the instructor which is a more productive environment. Please note there must be a clear path, absence of bags, people or clutter for emergency reasons. So unfortunately we cannot allow chairs on this side of the pool and ask that parents stand up against the wall, making sure they are not blocking the exit or the stairs.

9. Only swimmer in the class?

Unfortunately we cannot run classes with only one swimmer; you will be asked to move your child to another time if at the end of 1st week your child is the only swimmer registered. Private lessons are also an option.

Registration/Payment Policies:

Registrations are accepted on a first come- first serve basis, with full fee required at time of registration. Phone registrations are available and require the use of Visa or MasterCard. Memberships must be paid in full or by authorized bank debit contracts and must be kept current to maintain membership status.

Please keep in mind that No Food or Drinks are permitted past our Front Lobby.

If you have any other questions, please contact us today.

Members and general users of the Centre must abide by the rules and regulations set-up by the CGAC. The CGAC reserves the right to update and modify any regulation, policy or procedures as necessary within the operation of the Centre. All changes will be posted and made available at our Front Desk.