Conditions of Use

Drop-In Leisure Swimming

Everyone is welcome to lap swimming during all of our regular operational hours as well as use of on deck facilities: hot tubs, sauna and steam room. Water joggers are also welcome at most times except during large rentals or during program times. During Swimming Lesson times, pool access may be restricted to the use of lap lanes only. These restrictions help us maintain the quality of the teaching environment for our Learn to Swim Program. Pool and multi-purpose room availability is posted each week at our Front Desk.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

Lap Swim Etiquette

When we work together, lap swimming can be a wonderful experience for all levels of need and fitness and enhances the aquatic experience for all patrons. Smile and enjoy your workout.

  • Number of People in a Lane: Several people (as many as 8 or more), can fit in a lane if proper etiquette is observed and swimmers of like speed are together.
  • Lane Speed: It is very important to swim in a lane with other swimmers of similar speed. As you face the pool from the shallow end, the fastest lane is in the middle, and the slowest lane is on the outside. Fast and slow are relative terms, so take some time to observe the swimmers in the pool and take your best guess as to where you should swim.

Lane Designations

  • When the pool is busy, swim lanes will be shared. Several people (as many as 8 or more), can fit in a lane if proper etiquette is observed and swimmers of like speed are together.
  • Make note of lanes that contain fast, medium, and slow swimmers.
  • Lifeguards monitor the lanes and may alter the configuration at any time.
  • Select a lane compatible with your preferred swimming speed.
  • Lifeguards will determine number of lanes and the lane configurations.
  • Lifeguards may assist you with selecting the appropriate lane or ask you to move if your speed is not similar to those in your lane.

Entering the Water

  • Enter the water feet first from the shallow end.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer entering the water to make sure the lane is clear of any other swimmers.
  • If there are swimmers approaching the wall as you are preparing to enter, wait until they have turned and started the next lap before entering the water so as not to interrupt their progress.


  • If you need to pass in your lane move up to the swimmer and tap his/her foot. It is inappropriate to grab, pull, or tickle the person, but a tap is a clear indication of your presence and your intent to pass.
  • If your foot has been tapped there is no need to stop. Once you are aware of another’s intent to pass, slow down just slightly and slide over as close to the lane rope as possible.
  • If the indication to pass has occurred right before the wall, it is appropriate to pause at the wall in the right hand corner to allow the swimmer to advance through his/her turn.
  • If you are passing a swimmer, it is the custom to pass on the left after you have indicated your intent by tapping his/her foot.
  • A pass must be initiated in time to overtake the slower swimmer before the wall. In case of ambiguity approaching the turn, the swimmer whose head is closest to the wall has the right of way and the swimmer whose head is behind must yield the turn in the interest of safety.

Code of Conduct

  • All participants at the Centre are deserving of a safe and hospitable environment to enjoy during their visit. The following types of behavior will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the building and membership cancellation depending on the severity of the act: Physical assault, disruptive behavior, sexual or racial abuse, abusive language, fraud, damage or theft within the facility and the sale or use of alcohol or drugs. No one is allowed to use the CGAC Centre to conduct business except by authorization of the General Manager.
  • No unauthorized use of any cameras within the facility.
  • Please keep in mind that No Food or Drinks are permitted past our Front Lobby.

General Pool Information

  • Our Aquatic facility and programs provide lots of opportunity for everyone to explore the world of aquatics in many ways! Safety is our #1 priority – please observe pool rules and the instruction of our staff.
  • During Learn to Swim periods, our Instructional Aquatic Supervisors are available if you would like to consult them about child’s placement or progress. Please ask one of our pool staff to identify them.
  • No food, drink, gum or glass bottles. We ask that there are no outside shoes or cameras on deck please.
  • Parents are welcome to observe classes from our bleacher area. Strollers are restricted in this area.
  • Please shower before your class or activity.
  • Gender appropriate swimwear is required on deck and in the pool.
  • Children aged 5 and over must use gender-appropriate locker room or our Family Change Huts, (located on pool deck).
  • Children under the age of 12 are prohibited from wearing swim masks.
  • Lap lanes are designed to accommodate more than one person. Please ask a lifeguard about proper pool etiquette.
  • The Aquatic Centre will not be responsible for lost and found items. A lost and found box is provided and will be emptied weekly. Staff will not be responsible to retrieve lost and found items.

Family Change Huts

  • Our Family Change Huts are located through our visitors Gallery Door, down the stairs to the bleacher level and along the poolside of our competition pool. Those who have children of the opposite sex that are 5 years of age and older, are asked to use these facilities. Our Front Desk staff will provide you access to the Visitors Gallery entrance.
  • We are pleased to offer a Wheelchair accessible change hut.

Smoke-Free / Scent-Free Building Policy

  • Our entire facility is a smoke-free / scent-free building. We kindly ask that facility entrances be kept clear and not used for smoking. “No scents is good sense.” Please refrain from using scented products in our facility.

Members and general users of the Centre must abide by the rules and regulations set-up by the CGAC. The CGAC reserves the right to update and modify any regulation, policy or procedures as necessary within the operation of the Centre. All changes will be posted and made available at our Front Desk.