Saint John Fundy Tide Swim Team


Dear Athletes!

Saint John Fundy Tide Swim Team works with children from 6-17 promoting the benefits of sport, teamwork and physical fitness.

Our swimmers represent the Greater Saint John Region at over a dozen meets each year and a number of our members have gone on to swim at the Provincial, University and National levels.

Saint John Fundy Tide Swim Team welcomes all swimmers and our coaches help each athlete develop at a pace that is appropriate for their ability and age. We have various practice times throughout the week and this enables all swimmers, with coaches’ direction, to properly plan and follow through with long-term development. Mighty Sharks are the youngest level and practice twice a week while Junior B swimmers can swim three or more times per week.

Once skills and abilities permit, coaches may move swimmers to the Junior A and Senior levels where they can swim up to eight times a week both at early morning and after school sessions. Registration fees are set annually based on pool costs and the number of swimmers enrolled in the club. Saint John Fundy Tide Swim Team is a non-profit organization and we rely on membership fees and fundraising to offset pool costs, coaching expenses and out-of-province travel costs for our competitors.

We have an executive made up of swim parents to help organize and conduct these operations. Parents also have the ability to become involved in officiating and we look each year to enable club members to obtain various accreditation levels of officiating with Swim Canada.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, with your support the TIDE will keep coming in!

For more information about the Saint John Fundy Tide Swim Team, please contact us today or visit our website at

Karen Campbell, President

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